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Press Release: "Historic Step towards Justice for Yezidi Genocide Victims in New Dutch Coalition Agreement"

Source: NL Helpt Yezidi's

Date: May 17, 2024

Location: The Hague, Netherlands

NL Helpt Yezidis welcomes the historic step towards justice for Yezidi victims.

NL Helpt Yezidis welcomes the agreement in the new coalition accord to take the initiative in establishing an international tribunal to prosecute the crimes of ISIS (Da’esh), including genocide. This step is a crucial moment for the victims of the atrocities committed by ISIS against the Yezidi community since 2014.

This initiative follows the recognition by the Dutch Parliament in 2021 of the genocide committed against the Yezidis by ISIS, marking an important first step towards justice.

In the new Dutch coalition agreement: "The Netherlands takes the initiative to establish an international tribunal for the prosecution of crimes (including genocide) committed by IS (Da’esh)."

Recent research by Argos, conducted by journalists Thijs Broekkamp and Ellen van den Berg, reveals that Dutch citizens were involved in the genocide and enslavement of Yezidis in Syria and Iraq. This underscores the urgent need for justice and support for the victims.

Additionally, for the first time after the summer, a Dutch ISIS fighter will stand trial for enslaving a Yezidi woman in Syria. This development highlights that the involvement of Dutch foreign fighters in the genocide against Yezidis cannot be excluded.

This development is also included in the new coalition agreement, in which the Netherlands commits to the establishment of an international tribunal for prosecuting ISIS crimes.

NL Helpt Yezidis remains dedicated to upholding the rights and providing support to the Yezidi community. We hope that this historic decision by the Dutch government will lead to tangible justice and assistance for the victims. NL Helpt Yezidis is prepared to collaborate with the government to explore possibilities and maintain good contact with the Yezidi community, both here and abroad.

For more information, please contact us at:

Team NL Helpt Yezidis


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